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Condo Committees

Fairway View Condominiums has many ways you can help us maintain our community and homes. You are welcome to attend committee meetings to learn what the committee is working on and ask questions. More importantly, we are always looking for volunteers to help us with the research and planning necessary to  keep our properties looking and operating well.



The Finance committee provides guidance and oversight  of the Associations operational and reserve fund accounts, expenditures and budgets. Chair- Patti Audet, Board Treasurer. Members: Brenda Norton, Maureen Kirkpatrick and Maria Tsu.


Meetings are held quarterly on the 4th Tuesday in Jan, April, July, Oct. at 1:00 p.m.  Additional special meetings will be scheduled to prepare for the 2024 budget recommendations. All meetings are held on Zoom.

Owners may attend remotely on or by telephone:  (1-253-215-8782): Meeting ID: 826 1470 1206 

Passcode: 088992. Or, click on the button below.

Communication Committee

This committee is responsible for creating and distributing Foyer Flyers, Email Blasts, writing the Condo Column in The Villager monthly newsletter, updating the website and advising the Condo board of best practices to maintain effective and timely communications with those owners without computers. They also assist in document preparation for mailings to Association members and certifying election ballots.

Chair- Leslie McDonald,  Members: Linda Washington, Cate Dunlap, and Marlene Holliday. The Board Liaison is Jill Dempsey.

Meetings are held in the Mt. Hood room of the clubhouse on the 1st Thursday every other  month at 1:00 p.m. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed.  Owners may also attend remotely on or by telephone (1-253-215-8782); Meeting ID: 851 0310 3403; Passcode: 03675. Or, click on the button below.

Governance Committee


The governing documents are in the process of being updated. The first draft is nearly ready to send the the Association's legal counsel. This committee also reviews compliance concerns when directed by the BOD and provides recommendations to the board based on their review of the governing documents. Chair -  Patti Audet, Board Treasurer;  Members:  Jill Dempsey, Brenda Norton and Linda Washington


Monthly meetings are held on Zoom. Owners may attend remotely on or by telephone:  (1-253-215-8782): 

Meeting ID: 853 5652 4403 Passcode: 409456  

Or click on the button below.

Landscape Committee


This group observes the Condo common areas to identify landscaping needs for maintenance issues including health of grass, plants, bushes, trees and ground covering and irrigation. They also make recommendations to the BODs concerning current major remediation and capital improvements to the common landscaping areas, identify and prioritize future project needs and assist in identifying costs estimates preparation for future budget planning. The committee chair is Kirki Colman;  Members include:  Bobby Perry, Leslie MacDonald, Suzanne Elward, Diane Nolan, and Peter Ekstrom. The BOD Liaison is Ernie Norton.

The meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month, from 3:30-4:30 pm in the Mt. Hood Room.

Owners may also attend remotely on or by calling: Or dial: +1 253 215 8782; Meeting ID: 815 2303 5785: Passcode: 519012. Or, click on the link button below.

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